Teilen System Walls Are...Easy To Install. Customizable.Portable.Cost Effective.

TEILEN System Walls, LLC. is a company with over 40 years of industry experience in Latin-America and in Europe, dedicated to the comprehensive design of office environments always looking for exceptional quality, with an advanced technology and despite the high value of its physical components, is highly competitive and their solutions are economically logical. We are manufacturers and distributors of our own products, which means that we can guarantee our quality. Our professionalism and commitment to meeting deadlines have made us worthy of the trust of innumerable companies and institutions. We adapt our products to the specific characteristics of each project. And we provide comprehensive solutions with technical and sales support to our customers and distributors

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  • Customizable
    Options for more customization

    Simple components, fast installation, flexibility, and high performance are the key factors that make the Teilen partition system a definitive partition.

  • Partitions Can Be Taken Down
    Create magazine layouts easily

    With TEILEN Systems dividers you are no longer forced to stick with one style of setup. Even if you move offices or expand, our dividers can adapt to your exact needs.

  • Made In The USA
    Present stylish graphic projects

    By staying local, we can save money on costly overseas shipping and pass those savings directly over to you.

  • Completely Dismantable
    More plugins compatibility tests

    There are many office partition systems that allow you to customize how you build your office partitions. Our system allows you to take it down and move and adjust to all your spaces.

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The TEILEN System walls partitions represents the conclusion of a journey of research and experimentation in vertical demountable partitioning carried out by engineers and it has been gathered all the aspects that can make it a complete product: elegant, functional and suitable for all situations, excellent performance, versatile configurations, flexibility of use and the ability to divide, articulate and organize spaces.

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