Teilen System Walls – Acoustic Ratings

Teilen System Walls

Teilen System Walls – Acoustic Ratings

Any Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating provided by Teilen System Walls LLC, is a result of product ratings of laboratory tests performed in laboratory environments. As such, Teilen System is not liable for ensuring or guaranteeing these STC results with their product in any installed environment.

There are many factors, other than the STC rating of Teilen System wall products that will contribute to the final STC rating of any installation. These factors include, but are not limited to, the STC rating of the building plenum, acoustic ceiling properties of ceilings/floors, doors, windows and exterior wall configurations, gaps in closures, room finishes, etc.

What Are STC Ratings?

An STC label delineates how well a partition, such as a Practical board, polyester or glass blocks sound and reduces noise. Ratings are determined by playing a specific tone near the material and measuring the decibel value (dB) on either side. The higher the STC value, the better its insulation. But the tests in studies do not give an STS in a real application, because each office and place has its own noise intensity.

Single Glass or single Melamine Is Fine for Most Interior Applications, Glass by itself is a weak noiseinsulator, but methods such as lamination can improve performance, significantly. Standard monolithic is the cheapest option, and works very well for most interior applications. If you want to make an office quieter, make sure to fill all gaps during construction, with these improvements in place, single-pane glass is the best for the majority of interior applications.

If you need to improve a STC rating of a glass, consider lamination as a first choice, but remember this comes with an extra cost.

STC Privacy Achieved

25 STC Normal speech easily understood

30 STC Normal speech audible but not intelligible

35 STC Loud speech audible and fairly understandable

40 STC Loud speech audible but not intelligible


32 STC Solid Melamine Walls

32 STC Framed Walls Product

35 STC Frameless Walls Product

37 STC Frameless Walls Product

39 STC Acoustic Polyester Wall Product

5/8” Melamine Particle Board

1/4” Monolithic Tempered Glass

3/8” Monolithic tempered Glass

3/16” Glass + .60 PVB + 3/16” Laminated Glass

5/8” Polyester Fiber Acoustic panel

What is NRC?

NRC stands for noise reduction coefficient and is the standard rating for how well a material absorbs sound. Different materials have different NRC ratings that range from 0.00-1.00.

Acoustical wall treatments with a high NRC can stop sound from reflecting back into the space and lowering the noise level within the space. Improving the STC rating of a wall

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) measures the build-up of noise within a space. A single number index rating is used to measure the sound absorption of a material. Teilen System Walls polyester fiber product have an NRC rating of .90. The Teilen Polyester acoustic Panel product will absorb 90% of the sound that it comes in contact with and will reflect just 10% of the sound back into the space.

Only by installing, Teilen Acoustic Panels in the modules in front of the desk between the offices would help, quite a bit, to reduce the sound between the offices and increase the STC.

NRC Common Materials Ratings

0.00 NRC Tile

0.05 NRC Glass

0.05 NRC Drywall

0.20 NRC Wood

0.20 NRC Concrete

0.40 NRC Carpet

0.70 NRC Ceiling Tile

0.90 NRC Teilen Acoustic Panel

Use a special ambient-noise system—called sound-masking—that plays at a specific frequency and blocks noise throughout an office will also improve the noise cancelation between offices.